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Choose Your Own Steamed Mussel Adventure

Psst, we’re going to let you in on a (not so) secret: mussels are one of the easiest “fancy” meals you can make for a weeknight dinner. The best part is that you don’t need many other ingredients to get … Continue reading

Inside the Shellfish Processing Plant

Photos: W&T Seafood What happens to all the glistening, briny shellfish that gets pulled from the tidal flats of Washington? It comes to the Taylor Shellfish processing plant to be washed, prepared, bagged and shipped to customers around the world. … Continue reading

Rafting with Mussels on Puget Sound

Photos: W&T Seafood Sweet, plump, briny and ready in minutes—is there a more elegant dinner than a pot of fragrant steamed mussels and a baton of bread? While mussels may not get as much of the limelight as oysters, they … Continue reading

From Sock to Pot: How to Grow Mussels

Photo: Canadian Cove Why do mussels get fatter in winter months? How come some mussels are light orange and some dark? Can mussels move or do they stay put after settling on a piling? We learned the answers to these … Continue reading

What is a Bouchot Mussel?

Photo: Flickr/palimbiz Have you ever seen “bouchot mussels” on a menu and wondered what exactly it means? Bouchot (French for “shellfish bed”) is a traditional aquaculture technique for mussels. It means that the mussel was grown on ropes strung from … Continue reading

Recipe: Creamy Mediterranean Mussels with Blue Cheese

Photos: W&T Seafood Steamed mussels–is there any other dish that can be satisfying with so few ingredients? Essentially, you just need high quality mussels and a little liquid to steam them in, like white wine or beer. Of course, you … Continue reading