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Brooklyn Folks: Get Oysters Delivered to Your Door!

Photo: Montauk Pearl Oysters / Good Eggs Good news, Brooklyn! We’ve partnered with Good Eggs to launch seafood sales of our top East Coast products. For the first time, you can buy fresh, regional oysters, clams and mussels from us … Continue reading

Oyster Garden: The Numbers Are In

Photos: W&T Seafood In the late summer months immediately after obtaining my oyster garden, I spent most of my time mucking off sea squirts and struggling to make sure the cage had enough water flow. Luckily, as the weather got … Continue reading

Forty North Oyster Farm: Surviving and Thriving Post-Hurricane Sandy

Photos: W&T Seafood In the fall of 2012, Forty North Oyster Farm had just begun planting their first crop of oysters. Mere days later, Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern seaboard, destroying coastal towns and remaking the shoreline. “Of the 300 … Continue reading

Oyster Garden Tales: A Cage Full of Worms

Photos: W&T Seafood A month after the Attack of the Sea Squirts, I returned to my oyster garden and crossed my fingers that there would not be as many squirting tunicates bulging from my cage. Although some had grown back, … Continue reading

Meetup: Oysters & Wine at Virgola

One of my favorite Italian traditions is aperitivo, a great way to wind down after work, grab a drink and some nibbles, and mingle a bit before dinner. So, I’m excited to announce an aperitivo with Virgola, a new Italian … Continue reading

Oyster Garden Tales: Invasion of the Sea Squirts

Photos: W&T Seafood Last month, I stopped by the oyster garden to find a handful of sea squirts hanging from the rope and top of the cage. They didn’t seem like a nuisance at the time, so I left them. Much … Continue reading