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Choose Your Own Steamed Mussel Adventure

Psst, we’re going to let you in on a (not so) secret: mussels are one of the easiest “fancy” meals you can make for a weeknight dinner. The best part is that you don’t need many other ingredients to get … Continue reading

Brooklyn Folks: Get Oysters Delivered to Your Door!

Photo: Montauk Pearl Oysters / Good Eggs Good news, Brooklyn! We’ve partnered with Good Eggs to launch seafood sales of our top East Coast products. For the first time, you can buy fresh, regional oysters, clams and mussels from us … Continue reading

What is a Bouchot Mussel?

Photo: Flickr/palimbiz Have you ever seen “bouchot mussels” on a menu and wondered what exactly it means? Bouchot (French for “shellfish bed”) is a traditional aquaculture technique for mussels. It means that the mussel was grown on ropes strung from … Continue reading

Recipe: Baked Mediterranean Mussels

Photos: W&T Seafood Mussels are a favorite staple because they don’t require a lot of prep work, they’re loaded with flavor, and you can use pretty much anything you’ve got in your fridge and pantry to personalize the meal. Cheese, … Continue reading

Recipe: Mussels with Tomatoes and Israeli Couscous

Photo: Serious Eats Mussels are one of my go-to weeknight dinner staples–they’re fast, simple, and rich in flavor without being fussy. Just steam them with a splash of white wine, add minced garlic and parsley, and break off a hunk … Continue reading