About Us

In 1985, Louis Wu opened a small seafood retail shop in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Eventually, he realized that in order to procure the freshest seafood products for his customers, he would need to go straight to the source, seeking out the best fishermen and farmers in the world. His dedicated research resulted in the most flavorful, least processed, highest quality seafood possible.

Today, W&T Seafood has grown into an integrated distribution company that services New York City and much of the mid-Atlantic. To this day, Louis still travels globally to bring the finest seafood to New York’s tables. We strive to build relationships not only with our customers, but also our suppliers, farmers, and vendors, and view each relationship as a mutual partnership. With our commitment to doing business with integrity, we have established direct and exclusive relationships with farmers and producers, which allow us to share only the best products with our customers, foods that we’d be proud to serve to our family.

Finally, we never forget that at our core, W&T Seafood is a family business. We strive to provide a supportive environment for personal and professional growth, where everyone is rewarded for their dedication and accomplishments.

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